29 December 2013

Summer Lust

Christmas is over, and I'm already planning my summer outfits. I've been lusting for tropical prints and other summery items. It's sometimes frustrating to look at Aussie bloggers that are enjoying a warm and sunny season... So here are a few inspirations to get away from this cold and grey winter! Love. S.
Noël est terminé, et je planifie déjà mes tenues d'été. Je convoite les imprimés tropicaux et les autres items plus estivaux. C'est parfois frustrant de regarder les blogueuses australiennes qui profitent d'un été chaud et ensoleillé... Donc pour s'évader de notre hiver gris et froid, voici quelques inspirations! Love. S. 


  1. Hi !
    I just discovered your blog and it is a real surprise !
    It is really good and I love your looks :)


  2. Is that Drew Berrymore in the last picture, she looks beautiful!


  3. Sorry lovely, another Aussie blogger here, you know just at the beach under our hot sun. Hehehe, aww! I was actually in Montreal this time last year, which was amazing, but so damn freezing! It definitely makes me appreciate our beautiful weather here. Though I'll be heading to the snow again soon!

    Super cute blog you have here! xx



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