21 May 2015

Matinique InWear

If I had to describe my style, I would say that it is getting towards a really minimalistic/Scandinavian inspired style. I love neutral colors, straight shapes, sometimes pastel, textures like suede or jeans... If you look at the "My Style" board on Pinterest you will only find outfits of this kind. I am trying to update more and more my wardrobe so I can get rid of my old style (that still reflects a bit high school) and move closer to this one (that feels a lot more like myself). Not too long ago, I was invited to the InWear Matinique opening at Les Cours Mont Royal. Unfortunately, at last minute I had to cancel the event, but then a while after, they asked me if I'd like to do an outfit with pieces from their store. My answer was yes! This Danish shop is so feminine and minimalistic, just how I like it! Here is the first part of my collaboration with them. I am wearing a gorgeous pink jacket that could be worn on a daily basis, and it is really comfortable, so I would see myself wearing that while traveling. Paired with a simple oversized blouse and my favorite pair of jeans, I don't think it could get any better! Love. S.

Jacket and blouse: Matinique InWear / Jeans: The Castings @ Aritzia / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Bag: Zara

19 May 2015

Coaticook in pictures

If you saw my previous post, you know that I went to Coaticook last week. Since I want to share on the blog all the events happening during my summer holiday (which started last week), I think it's best that I also show some of the pictures from Coaticook. I love this little place in the countryside, it reminds me so much memories of when I was younger. There are different hikes that you can do when you are at the park, I suggest the "Gorge" hike since there is a lot more things to see on this one! Love. S. 

15 May 2015

VIDEO - Coaticook Roadtrip

Hello y'all! I just uploaded a new video on my You Tube channel, it's a from a road trip I did with two of my best friends to celebrate the beginning of our summer holidays! We went to Coaticook, a place where I used to go with my grandparents when I was younger. There is so much things to do, and it's right next to the US border. We walked on one of the longest suspended bridge, went on top of a tower, hiked, ate ice cream,... see for yourself! Love. S.

12 May 2015

Leather Skirt

Are we aloud to wear leather skirts during spring/summer? I have no idea, but I wore mine the other day, and since I didn't post any look with it on the blog I thought you would like to see it! I usually wear mine during fall because when it's hot, leather is not the fabric to wear! And I think it still looks cute during winter with a knitted jumper and black sheer tights. Love. S.

Skirt: Dynamite

10 May 2015

Signature 2015

For the third or fourth year in a row (can't remember exactly) I attended the Signature fashion show, which is the presentation of the final project of the students studying in fashion at LaSalle college. I have two friends studying in fashion (hello Etienne and Lio) so I know that it is A LOT of work, but I can imagine how happy the graduates were to show off their collections. Every students were paired in a team to create a mini-collection, some of them were also paired with 5 influential Montreal designers that I love (Martin Lim, DUY, Pedram Karimi, Valérie Dumaine and UNTTLD). The fashion show was grandiose as always and very festive also! Congratulation to the graduates! Love. S.

9 May 2015

Boyfriend Jeans

Ok peeps, I finally found the *perfect* pair of boyfriends jeans: not too baggy, not too ripped, I'm smitten! It is the perfect pair of summer jeans because the air can still circulate between the fabric and our legs. I think that paired with my white t-shirt and pointed ballerinas, it is a go to outfit for any occasions.

Good news, in three days I will be done with my first year of college. Which means time for travelling, to take outfit pictures, and to go to more blogger events. I'll catch up with you soon as right now I have to finish two essays for the beginning of the week! Love. S.

T-shirt: Dynamite / Jeans: Garage / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Sunglasses: Chicnova

8 May 2015

Aritzia Opening

I waited for this day for as long as I knew that a new Aritzia would open on Saint-Catherine street in Montreal. Aritzia was already one of my favorite shops, and now that they opened their biggest Canadian store in Montreal, my love for it is even bigger! So on Wednesday night, I was invited to the media opening night, and it was amazing! The music, the fashion, the food, the people, everything was on point! I cannot wait to go back again and this time shop for real! Love. S.

Wearing: Top: Dynamite / Skirt: Josiane Perron / Shoes: BCBG
Photos: Sebastien Roy / Nightlife / @sandrinev
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