27 August 2015

Back to School

Blogger is making me really angry right now, and it has been like that for a few months. I don't know if I'm the only one having technical issues with the color of the images I post, but it's nothing like on my computer! My team (that consists of my parents) and I are in the process of redesigning the blog on a new platform and I'm really excited about it. Change never hurts anybody, especially a blog that has been like that for way too long. So in the meantime (because re-designing a blog takes time), here is my back to school look. First of all, the most stylish and practical backpack from Fjällräven that I bought in Sweden. Then a very simple outfit that is adapted to the very humid weather we have right now, and the cutest suede boots. 

Blouse: Zara / Bag: Fjällräven / Shorts: H&M / Bracelet: Endless Jewelry / Boots: Zara

24 August 2015

Palm Trees

One of the unfortunate things during my Caribbean trip was that I was covered with tan lines (which you can obviously see in these pictures...). But I think I still managed to come up with something acceptable. So here is my favorite swimsuit of all times! The palm trees print is gorgeous, it really looks like a watercolour drawing. The top used to be this top, that changed color over the years, but we modified the back so I could still wear it. Oh and the pictures were taken at Eagle beach in Oranjestad, Aruba!

Top: Asos (modified) / Bottom: Mimi Hammer / Sunglasses: Polette

22 August 2015

I Am Sandrine Turns 5!

This weekend is very exciting for me... my blog turns 5!!! It's incredible to think that it's been so long since it feels like it's only been a week. I was so young and innocent when I decided to start this blog, and the name it used to be called is a proof of that (no comment haha). I am so proud of all the maturity and experience I gained over this half decade. Those who've been following me for a while knows that I went into every direction possible; starting only in French, then writing both in French and English, and now only in English. I also started with very embarrassing posts talking about cakes or posting weird photos of me not knowing what I was doing. For those who want to venture on these daring archives go for it, I'm sure you will have a great laugh!

So far this journey has been incredible: I met A LOT of amazing people (and some of them became my friends), discovered so much about business and the fashion industry, learned how to deal with a very tight schedule, enjoyed some really fun events, saw some behind the scenes of the fashion design industry, etc. I had a blast, but I also worked my butt off, and it was totally worth it!

Today I wanted to celebrate by sharing with you these pictures from my second collaboration with the Montreal-based shop L'intervalle (all my previous shoots here). I shot their fall collection with the help of the amazing photographer, Sarah Paradis. It was a new thing for me to wear Oxford shoes and I think they are the bomb, especially paired with an all white look and the beautiful Westmount Greenhouse in the background! Love. S. 

Oxford shoes: L'intervalle / Sleeveless blazer: River Islands / Tank top: Aritzia / Shorts: Matinique In Wear

18 August 2015

Swedish Party in Nässjö

One of my favorite parts of my Scandinavian trip was that I could experience the culture: taste the food, listen to the music, meet people, (try) to learn the language,... In one of the cities we stopped to during our trip, my Swedish friend had the idea to do a "Swedish party" where we would mix different holidays together. So one of my friends wore a crayfish party hat (Kraftskiva), the other one a Lucia Crown (St-Lucia), and I wore a flower crown (Midsommar). And we had lots of food, everything was delicious, so here are the pictures! Love. S.

Flower crown: Bik Bok / Shirt: Zara

15 August 2015

Baby Blue Fringes

These pictures bring me back to last Spring when I was obsessed with baby blue and fringes, so the reasonable thing to do at that time was to buy this bikini top. Still very obsessed with it, and with the scenery where we shot this. It was in Florida, a few hours after we landed there last July. I remember we had just arrived at the hotel, and we were excited to go to the beach... My parents convinced my siblings and I to walk 3km to the beach under the heat wave (back and forth)... But we still managed to do these pictures ;) Love. S.

Bikini top: Simons / Bikini bottom: Asos / Shades: Old Navy

13 August 2015

Lolë White Tour 2015

At the moment, my posts are pretty much a mix between my trip to the Caribbean and to Scandinavia, I hope that you can still keep up with that! However, today I will be talking about something else: the biggest yoga gathering of the year, the Lolë White Tour. Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I don't practice yoga regularly, and that makes me a beginner.

So last Saturday was the Lolë White Tour and I was attending as a media. Before the yoga session, we were served a delicious healthy breakfast prepared by the Sofitel hotel's restaurant, it was delicious! During the session, the Montreal group Milk & Bone was performing, and the atmosphere was so peaceful and energizing. Also the fact that everyone was dressed in white and that we were so many brought a special vibe that was very comforting. The yoga teachers for this event were Dawn Mauricio and Faith Hunter, I really liked that they were talking to us about community and unison while they were showing us the postures. All the moves were easy to adapt depending on our own personal skills. Overall this event brought me so much joy on a Saturday and the feeling that we were 6500 persons doing yoga at the same time is definitely incredible! Love. S.

11 August 2015

#iamsandrineinscandinavia - Travel Diary Video

I recently travelled to Scandinavia to visit friends of mine that I met two years ago during my "exchange" summer in London. We visited Stockholm, Göteborg, Nässjö, and Copenhagen. All these cities were incredibly beautiful, and I was lucky enough to learn about the Scandinavian culture; eat their best dishes, listen to their music, and interact with local people, it was incredible! So here are my top things to see/do/eat/listen to, and to follow the tradition, I made a travel diary video, and here it is, hope you like it! Love. S.

TO SEE - Stockholm Royal Chapel
I am smitten with all things royal, so I was more than interested to learn all about the Swedish (and Danish) royalty. The little chapel inside Kungliga Slottet (Stockholm Royal Palace) is a beauty! It was built during the 18th century, and was recently used for the wedding of Prince Carl Philip and his wife Sofia. I love the gold details all over the chapel (and of course it's in the palace).

TO DO - Bike in Copenhagen
One of the most awesome experiences of my trip was to travel by bike in Copenhagen. I actually believe that it was the most efficient way to travel the city as a tourist (of course with a guide), because it was a lot less tiring than walking, a lot cheaper than cars, buses and underground, and good for the body!

TO EAT - Traditional food
If you want traditional Swedish food, I suggest that you try the crayfish marinated in dill, and for the dessert, try lussekatter (a saffran bun), it was oh so good and those dishes are usually prepared for special holidays/traditions.

TO LISTEN - Swedish talent
While in Stockholm, I discovered the singer Loreen during an open air festival. This Swedish singer won the Eurovision contest a few years ago, and I'm still wondering why I've never heard about her on the American continent (she's too good!). Other things to listen to: Zara Larsson, "Fan va bra" by Jakob Karlberg, "Sommarplågor" by Hampus Carlsson,... (the suggestions are from my friends, thank you!)
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