1 July 2015

Beautiful interior: Tommy Montreal

As you probably know, I always love a good interior decoration. My Pinterest board "Home inspiration" is overflowing with images of pretty houses and cafes. The other day I went into Tommy Montreal, and I had pretty high expectations because of the pictures I had previously seen on Instagram. But the reality was beyond my expectations. First of all, the building is majestic! The cafe is inside the "British Empire Building" which was actually built in 1874 with the architectural plans of John William Hopkins, and used to serve as the Exchange Bank of Canada. With its rich past, the interior is full of Victorian woodwork that just adds the charm to this place. The windows are incredible too, the place was so luminous with the white walls and these big arches. The elements of decorations themselves were a bit more modern: there are plants on the ceiling, different kinds of chairs and tables, some in marbles, others in wood. And of course... the marble surfboard hanging on a wall that just caught my attention, it's the detail that transform this old building into a very trendy place.

I could not resist taking these pictures, the place is fascinating! The café itself offers so many options, from fresh juices to pastries, to coffee... The staff is very welcoming and the music playing is similar to old jazz (I can't exactly tell) so it was the icing on the cake! Love. S.

Tommy Montreal, 200 rue Notre-Dame O. 

29 June 2015

Days Are Gone

This title is a reference to HAIM's album that I can't stop listening to, and it's been a favorite of mine for the past year. I discovered HAIM when they were djing at the H&M x Osheaga party last July, and their 80's vibe mixed with some R&B and a modern sound is just the bomb! This outfit makes me think a little bit about what the girls of this band wear: Leather jacket and super edgy outfits. I remember that during their gig at H&M,  Estee (one of the sisters of the band) was wearing a super cool leather jacket over her shoulders, over a dress that had cut-outs on each sides, and it was a fantastic look. After that, I promised myself to get my hands on a jacket similar to this one, and yesss I got it;) Now I can have a super badass look on an everyday basis, and for this look I decided to accentuate it with my Castles Couture romper and a very special location. The rocks were actually bigger than me! Love. S. 

Jacket: Zara / Romper: Castles Couture

27 June 2015

DISCOVER: Nini Meatball House

Discovering new restaurants is one thing I love to do... So a few weeks ago, when I was really hungry and trying to find a place to eat, I stumbled across this Instagram perfect restaurant called Nini Meatball House. As the name says, this restaurant specializes in meatballs, but they also have vegetarian options such as cheese balls or vegetable balls. They also offer vegan, gluten free, and without pork options. This place was new for me so I didn't exactly knew what to order and how everything was working. The really nice waitress explained that normally, people would order an appetizer, a serving of meatballs (3 meatballs), and a side.

I ordered the beef tartar to start the journey and it was delicious. I hadn't eaten a tartar in a long time so this one was pretty satisfying; it was a beef tartar with horseradish mayo, grainy mustard, capers and pickles. For the most important part of the meal, I ordered the "Chicken 'Red hot' Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce". The waitress told me beforehand that the taste of the blue cheese was really present in this meal, so I had to like it, but I thought that on the contrary, it didn't not taste this much. It was really good anyways! I finished with a brioche bread as a side. At this point I was full, the portions were not that big, but they were very nourishing so it was perfect. For those who wants to know, my friend ordered the carrot ginger soup and the "goat cheese nuts crusted spice honey".

Overall the food is comfort food at its best, and the restaurant is very well located (in the heart of Griffintown), so I will definitely come back. I was also really excited with the decoration. All the plants, the white walls and tables, it was picture worthy!;) Love. S.

*Oh and there is also a take out option...

Nini Meatball House, 1752 rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal. 

24 June 2015

I AM SANDRINE's Organization Tips

Summer holidays are here, but I am already thinking about organization for my work space and for the next school semester. I haven't been organized enough in the last few months and this lack of control really showed here on the blog, and at school. Now I am prepared to be on the top of my organization game. You Tube videos and blog posts really helped me acquire some tips and tricks to maintain a good organization, and today I will share with you the tips that I tested and approved (they work and I am still using them). 

21 June 2015

How do you dress when you dress casual?

This is what I have been wearing during casual days when I was just walking around the city. I bought these trousers last summer but never got to really wear them until a few months ago. The fabric is so light (and so easy to wrinkle) but it looks very edgy and minimalist. I think that the right accessories can really bring up its game so it doesn't look like a gym trouser. That day I decided to wear it with my Jeffrey Campbell pointed ballerinas, my Polette sunglasses and my basic Zara t-shirt. How do you dress when you dress casual? Love. S.

Trousers: Garage / T-shirt: Zara / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Sunglasses: Polette / Bracelet: BCBGeneration

20 June 2015

Montreal + London Architecture

Well... another radio silence, but summer school is over I will have more time to shoot outfits and write blog posts. Today I started watching the reality tv show "fashion blogger" that is following 5 digital influencers from Australia. These girls are seriously inspiring and very motivating. It is great to see the behind the scenes of 5 very popular bloggers that can actually blog as a living. I really want to create content that is unique and representative of who I am. For the moment, I can really do that via Instagram, so do not hesitate to follow me to see all this (@sandrinev). One thing I wanted to share with you today is some pictures I took of beautiful buildings in Montreal and London. I am a passionate of architecture and even thought that I would be an architect myself when I was about 9 years old. I changed my mind for the job but I still have this passion the art and details that we can find in beautiful buildings. If you are from Montreal or if you ever have to visit the city, I suggest that you go see the building near the Champ de Mars metro station or the Windsor train station. And as for London I cannot even start: the British Museum, Somerset House, Harrods, all of Notting Hill,... And I am thrilled that this summer I will be able to see a different kind of architecture in Scandinavia. Let me know if you like this kind of post, I also have a lot of architecture pictures that I took in the Caribbean, Spain, and in New York.

15 June 2015

Print Publications

Print publications are such a nice thing to collect. It is sad to think that most publications will soon be only available on tablets, like Lucky Magazine. I've kept so many issues of great magazines, and I will continue to do so for a long time... For the past week, I've been on the hunt for the new Harper's Bazaar UK July issue, but I think it is not out yet. On the cover is the lovely Alexa Chung, my icon for the last 3-4 years. Too bad that this cover is only available for the subscribers because the picture is stunning, but I am sure that the one from the newsstand is just as pretty.

I like that for most things we are switching to numeric, or just using technology in general, but I feel that things like magazines and books should be kept in paper. The feeling of holding new paper or old paper with a story is one of the best, I would be really sad if it disappeared. I know that it is for ecological and practical but there is something so calming and romantic about holding a story in our hands.

What do you think about this whole print/numeric debate? Love. S.
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