3 August 2015

Stockholm (rest of the trip)

Stockholm was definitely an amazing place to visit, and I wish I could have spent more time there (we stayed there three days and a half during our trip to Scandinavia). The mix of the old and the new is so present in this capital; the architecture of the buildings couldn't reflect more the timeless beauty of this city, and the fashion couldn't be more avant-garde. My first two days were spent sightseeing and the last day and a half was spent walking around the city center with the shops and work buildings (since the weather was not at its best). Here are the rest of the pictures that I took in this city, but to see more head over to my Instagram (@sandrinev).

1 August 2015

VIDEO: Trip to the Caribbean

It became a tradition that I do a travel diary video every time I go on vacation so this time was no different! A few weeks ago I did a cruise in the Caribbean and we stopped in Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Curaçao, and Aruba! Hope you like the video, it was fun to discover those warm countries the summer and enjoy the nice weather! Love. S.

30 July 2015

Vitamin Sea

A few weeks ago I went on a cruise in the Caribbean, but you have probably already seen photos of my trip on Instagram! During this vacation, I decided to shoot editorials with a few Mimi Hammer swimsuits. I love working with their team (if you don't remember I was a model for a day with them...). Their target is creative women that are finding inspiration everywhere, and that are confident. I love the retro aspects of their bikinis and the quality of them is irreproachable. This is a monochrome look that I wore during my day in the islands of Turks and Caicos. There was this beautiful shallow turquoise water and some crabs walking on the beach, it felt like heaven!

Bikini: Mimi Hammer / Sunglasses: Polette

27 July 2015


Fringes are actually one of my favorite things at the moment, I could wear them all the time! This is why I think those shoes from the Montreal shop L'intervalle are the perfect staple piece for me. I decided to pair them with a complete black outfit so they would stand out more. I am wearing something very minimalistic, a bralette camisole and my favorite black trousers. 

Writing to you directly from Stockholm, tomorrow I am leaving for Gothenburg, so by the time you read this I will already be in Gothenburg! 

Love. S. 

Shoes: L'intervalle / Trousers: Zara / Camisole: Aritzia

25 July 2015

STOCKHOLM: Day 1 & 2

Here are some pictures of my firsts two days in Stockholm. I arrived here last Wednesday and I'm having a blast right now! First of all I had the best welcome ever (or should I say Välkommen?), my friends went to pick me up at the airport with this really cool sign that says "Welcome to Sweden". So far, we explored Gamla Stan (the old city), Skansen (the outdoor museum), Kungliga Slottet (the royal palace) and the big church where the future queen of Sweden got married. We also did boat rides, tried a lot of different delicious Swedish foods: meatballs, cinnamon bun, fika, lingonberry,... And we even saw a show of Loreen, a Swedish winner of Eurovision that was playing in a park not too far from where we are staying. I discovered her for the first time at the show, and it was amazing! Hopefully my Swedish is getting better by the time, and I'm going to keep updating you in the next few days! Love. S. 

22 July 2015


Purple isn't a color I am used to wear, as my wardrobe mostly consists of black, white and grey, but after I discovered these two pieces from Aritzia, it convinced me to try more colors. It's an everyday outfit that really screams summer, and paired with these elegant flat sandals from the shop L'intervalle and a gold bracelet, the look is elevated to a whole new level! The sandals have really pretty geometric shapes in pastel made of suede, it can work for a sophisticated look or on a regular day.

Oh and by the way L'intervalle has an online shop, you should check it out!

Top and shorts: Aritzia / Sandals: L'intervalle

20 July 2015


Over the past few months, I noticed that my style has been getting towards a more minimalistic style, and this outfit is a perfect example of it. I like the monochrome and neutral aspect of the colors and the very structured perspective of the pictures. Plus, I am wearing the very trendy "culottes" trousers, which are honestly the most comfortable pieces to wear e-vah! I've also incorporated a bit of layering, for these summer nights where it's a bit more chilly, with a fringy kimono. I could wear this all the time, especially with these comfortable nude mules from L'intervalle, in my opinion they pull the outfit all together.

Camisole, Culotte trousers, kimono, bralette: Aritzia / Mule sandals: L'intervalle
Photos: Sarah Paradis Photography

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