29 March 2015

Spring/ Summer Wardrobe

If I could do a huge shopping spree for spring and summer, this is what I would include (+ boyfriend jeans and a leather jacket but I figured I've already talked about it too much. So... 1) These lovely baby blue ankle boots from Shelly's London, that I've been eyeing for a month now / 2) This Midori bikini top that is unfortunately sold out (and I needed a new swimsuit) / 3) This gorgeous Auxiliary bag from Aritzia / 4) This awesome Topshop fringe dress / 5) Those gladiator sandals, everything is perfect about them; the color and the design, from Zara / 6) A basic grey t-shirt that is a bit oversized. This one seems great, and is from Zara. / 7) Another Auxiliary bag from Aritzia, but now it's a bucket bag.

25 March 2015


I did balled dance for ten years from my early childhood to mid-teenage years, and this dress from Josiane Perron reminds me of the dresses we used to wear for our dance presentation. Wearing it made me feel so graceful and elegant, plus the fabric makes it so comfortable! I chose to wear it with accessories like those strappy sandals and elegant jewelries in order to elevate the look while still being discreet, so the dress could be the center of attention.

For the little life insight, I've been procrastinating over Ted talks, BuzzFeed articles, and episodes of "Ultimate Airport Dubai", let's just say that I can't wait for the Easter holidays to come. I will be reunited with members of my family, to eat chocolate and just enjoy spring (if it decided to show up). Have a nice week! xx

Dress: Josiane Perron / Sandals: Zara / Earrings: Pilgrim

21 March 2015


Here they are: the perfect leather ankle boots I've been looking for! I found them in big big sale at Urban Outfitters, and I can't feel more lucky that my size was still available (which is so rare because everyone wears US size 8). So even if winter is leaving us, I can promise that I will be wearing those boots  again and again (maybe still during summer). What is your favorite pair of shoes? Love. S.

Oriley boots by Jeffrey Campbell

20 March 2015

Light Problems

We haven't been very lucky with the weather recently, except for a few days that strangely felt like spring... But I really wanted to shoot this dress from Josiane Perron's new collection, even with the cold temperature. The only thing I had to do was to pair it with a jacket and tights (the ones I am wearing gives the impression that my legs are very tanned). And because it is still winter, the light is also something that's unpredictable. You will notice that on some pictures the dress looks more navy and on some of them more black, but if you want to see the right color, I suggest that you go check her website, all the informations will be provided: www.josianeperron.com. The print of this dress is part of the 4 patterns that I was talking about in this post, they are one of the key points of her new spring collection. Now I am just ready for summer, so I can let go of my jackets!

Dress: Josiane Perron / Jacket: H&M / Shoes: Target / Bracelet: La Baie / Sunglasses: Polette

16 March 2015


So here you can see a glimpse of my new bedroom, that I re-decorated all by myself during spring break. I will dedicate a blog entry to it but in the meantime this is all you get! In the background, it's a photography of Stockholm that my friend Eva gave me. I am fascinated with Scandinavia right now and currently planning a future trip there (I'll keep you posted).

On these pictures, I am wearing this awesome skirt from Josiane Perron F/W14 collection and the perfect basic white top from her new collection. I would wear this outfit all summer since it's casual and yet a bit more chic, and I love the 70's vibe of the skirt. I also paired this outfit with my new Jeffrey Campbell flats that I find irresistible.

Hope you had a great weekend XO

T-shirt and skirt: Josiane Perron / Bracelets: H&M and Lia Sophia / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

13 March 2015


Last Sunday, I attended the official launch event of Davines products in Quebec. Davines creates hair products of high quality exclusively for hair salons, so let me tell you that I felt a bit out of my comfort zone (since I'm not even able to properly curl my hair) with all those hairstylists and colorists in the room. But I was curious to learn more about it and see what looks the professional created on the head of the models.

It was interesting to learn that their products respect the environment, whether it is for the packaging or the product itself, they have an ecological philosophy! At the end of the event, we each received a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask. I tried the three products, and I was pleasantly surprised. I got the "Nounou" scent made with tomato extracts, how awesome? The mask really made a difference, my hair felt so light, soft and lustrous. So I highly recommend you to try their hair products if you want a professional finish at home. www.DAVINES.com

12 March 2015

Spring Break

Spring is back (or it was a few days ago), and I am kicking off with a new outfit post! As you know, I'm faithful to Josiane Perron, and I adore her designs, so for the 4th season, I present you her collection. I went to see her at her workshop on a day that couldn't look more like spring, so the clothes I chose to shoot from her new collection are totally warm weather appropriate. Starting with this skirt. It is an adaptation of her previous skirt design (see here) but with geometrical features on the borders, which makes it a lot more edgier. I paired it with this printed top that comes in 4 different patterns, I adore this one because of the golden accents. So stay tune for more, I am back in force! Love. S. 

Top and skirt: Josiane Perron / Shoes: Nasty Gal / Necklace: Lia Sophia

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