28 January 2015

A Day in Music

You know how a good song can totally change your mood? That's what Chet Faker's albums do to me. Every morning when I do my makeup (or during the weekend when I look through my Instagram) I put both of his albums on, and honestly it's the best way to start the day. Especially the song "1998". I have no idea if it's the comforting and slow beat that wakes me up in the more gentle way or just that it's a song (ugh makes any sense?). Then, as soon as I leave the house and hit the bus, I change my playlist to something that is definitely more "vibrant". Oh but can Gooey by Glass Animals count as a vibrant song? Then of course I need a bit of Beyonce. My favorite one is the remix of Drunk in Love with Kanye West. His part is my favorite. Two of my friends and I learned the lyrics of his rap and it's the funniest thing to recite (at ANY time of the day lol). On days that I decide to walk between the bus stop and the school (some days I'm too lazy or the weather conditions are too bad for this 10 min walk so I just take another bus), I can listen to more music. Recently I've discovered the Swedish singer Zara Larsson and I'm smitten with her voice. For now my favorite song is Weak Heart but I did not listen to all her album yet. And when I can listen to more music, this is what I put on, with a recap of the previous songs I mentioned:

Chet's Faker (both of his albums: Thinking in textures and Built on Glass), Fav: 1998
Gooey - Glass Animals
Drunk in Love Remix (ft Jay-Z and Kanye West) - Beyonce
Weak Heart - Zara Larsson

And others...
Pray to God (ft. HAIM) - Calvin Harris
The Wire - HAIM
Elastic Heart - Sia
Warm Water (Snakehips Remix) - Banks
Get in My Life - Hermitude
Paper Planes - M.I.A.
No Diggity - Blackstreet

Let me know if there's any good songs I should hear, always on the lookout for new ones! Love. s. 

25 January 2015


I remember a few years ago, around Easter, I asked my mom if we could go buy a plant to put in my room (just to decorate). Unfortunately, I let the plant die because I didn't take care of it (and my mom forgot that I had a plant in my room). Then a few years after that, I was probably 13 or 14 years old, and we had to transplant an African violet in my science class, I remember that I loved the experience of taking care of a flower, but I gave it to my grandmother. Then this year after hours spent on Pinterest and Instagram and all sorts of social network, my love for plants came back again. I'm sure it's because I see them everywhere and I realized that they are a stunning statement piece to put in a decor. Then last week, I went to the Concordia Greenhouse Sale hoping I would find small and cute plants (especially) cactus to put in my new room, for a Scandinavian touch. The event was really big, around 4k people had checked in, but my friend and I arrived at a reasonable hour so we could have the chance to buy a few ones. As soon as we entered the greenhouse, it felt so comfortable with all the light and the warmness (it was around -17 °C outside), and looking at the green beauties. I ended up only buying one plant (and I don't even know what kind... silly me), because there was no cactus). After taking it back to school and then back to my house the plant suffered a bit, probably because of the weather, but anyway I am willing to make this plant live and then I will find a few small cactus to put next to it. And probably next spring I will make a visit to the Westmount greenhouse... ;) Love. S. 

24 January 2015

Club Monaco Store Opening

Photo: Nightlife

This week was filled with events, but the one that was really the highlight was the opening night of the new Club Monaco flagship store on Sainte-Catherine street. I've told you about the new store not too long ago (here) when I tried their coffee shop (that's actually inside the store). This time, all the medias were invited to inaugurate it. Canapés, music by Dj Abeille, and lots of pretty clothes were on the menue of the night. As you can tell, I've took a lot of pictures, this store is so photogenic! If you have the chance to visit and shop at the new Club Monaco, you'll see that this is another level of decoration. It's the prettiest boutique I've seen in all Montreal, and I'm hoping we'll see other stores of this kind in the future.
Photo: Stylelist Québec

20 January 2015

Things going on

As I said at the beginning of 2015, I really want the blog to become a space where I share mostly what I want. I also said that I wanted to write more  so today I'm just going to do kind of like a recap of what's happening right now in my world.

First of all, recently I've been really engaged with ... Instagram! I've decided that I would try to post at least one photo per day, so if you follow me already (@sandrinev), you probably noticed that change. And of course I started posting foodie pictures. That must be because right now I'm a bit of a Pinterest addict and of course there's food everywhere on Pinterest. Ugh bad influences right? Or not;) But the only thing is that I started the new semester at school yesterday so I'm no longer on vacation which means there's nothing interesting really to capture at school, but I'll do my best to keep doing my "Instagram Challenge" of 1 picture per day (andI will find interesting things to post).

Another thing, there was a problem with my schedule at school, so I got to have one more course, and I'm more than happy with the one they gave me, I have an art class! YAY! It used to be my favorite subject during elementary school until high school, so I'm excited. Maybe if my projects are nice enough I could show them to you here, but we'll see.

Love. S.

17 January 2015

Jeanne Damas

I have a new fashion icon, and it's the French lady Jeanne Damas. I could spend hours telling you about her quintessential French style, but it's just obvious when we look at her. She has that "Je m'en fou" attitude and always wear basics with a touch of awesomeness (just look at her shoes). Jeanne always wear pieces that looks good on her (and she knows it). Her hair is also on point, like all Parisians. She's so charming! I'm really obsessed with French style icons since I've read "How to be a Parisian Wherever you are", they must have a secret to always have the perfect style, right?

And the effect on those pictures is simply fantastic, just like an old polaroid. Can I be Jeanne please?

16 January 2015

Eye of the Dreamer

As you know already, I'm in the middle of a room makeover and there's a few items that I want to incorporate in my new decor (cactus, fairy lights,...) and eye of the dreamer pillows! The original design is by Jasmine Dowling (I love her work, if you don't know her check her Instagram: @jasminedowling). Well, since I want to be a bit crafty I'm probably going to do a DIY inspired by it.

I find that it's so cute, especially on a bed with only white sheets/comforter/pillows (like mine). So yeah I've been eyeing it since it's out so it's been a really long time... Love. S.

15 January 2015

Timeless Pieces

I've decided that it's better to invest on quality things rather than 5$ shirts at H&M that will be damaged after two washes, so for that I need timeless pieces that will stay on trend as the years goes by. I made a list of 8 items that I would love to add to my wardrobe/life right now (some of them are not timeless clothing pieces I know... fairy lights right).

1) Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini. I know it's just the top, but this high quality swimsuit will probably be more durable than mine who lost all their color after my last holiday in the sun. Just a bit expensive 555$ Ouch!
2) Acne Ankle boots. My dream. Leather and Acne. 570$ (hope they'll last).
3) Fairy lights. I'm still trying to find fairy lights like those but I guess I should have started searching for some like that before Christmas. Maybe I'll find something online, it would look great in my next room (I'm planning an awesome decor).
4) Isabel Marant knit Sweater. Isabel know what looks good and what feels cozy, I could totally see myself in this sweater that has a nice shape at the bottom.
5) Nirvana Black, Elisabeth and James, oil perfume. I already have the Nirvana White but I keep going to Sephora to try this one, I think I like it even more than the one I have. And I've heard good things about the oil version. 42$
6) Michael Kors bucket bag. I'm so tired of seeing the MK initials all over the place so there would be no way I would want a Michael Kors bag. Well I thought that until I saw this amazing bucket bag at Ogilvy. It was love at first sight...
7) Acne Leather Jacket. LOVE #lifegoal
8) Birkenstocks (black or white). I know I know, the Birkenstock dilemma... And I know I would be late for the trend, but it's just that I find them pretty and comfortable, I'll see what I'll do next summer!
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